Form. Essence. Volume. Rebirth begins with deep realizing of your truest nature and the inner desire to release it and give it new forms.

Rebirth happens in the spring because it is the time for all of us to awaken the desire to live, feel, create, love and breathe to the fullest. Transformation arises when you have embraced all your previous experience and are ready for renewal.


The REBIRTH capsule was created as a symbol of awakening and the beginning of something genuinely new, because we feel that everything around us is ready for this. And most importantly, we feel that will inside our souls.

We have reconsidered our previous experience and are ready to open a new chapter of our lives. To embody our true essence in a new form. To build new structures. To experience this life differently. To take on deeper meanings.


REBIRTH is the first ray of sunlight before dawn.
This is the first inhale after waking up.
This is a stream that melted with the first warm.
This is the starting point for an exciting journey.
REBIRTH is a new chapter.


Meet our first spring capsule and feel its true essence on your body and inside your soul.

Photo: Polina Grebenik
Style: Anya Matviiuk
Model: Solomia Lebiak

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